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I love Scott Jarvie’s story. His tale of following photography down an unknown road into a lifelong passion for taking pictures is encouraging and inspiring. Check out Scott Jarvie’s story here. Another surprising thing about Scott is that he speaks at least 5 languages. Wow!

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One of my favorite things about Scott is his willingness to pour into other photographers. His site lists a great set of photographers who’ve interned or been taught by Scott. From Scott’s bio:

I taught myself over the course of several years.
I put in crazy amounts of time and learned from countless trial and error how to take good pictures.
I enjoyed figuring out the technical side and I constantly judged people’s reactions to my pictures to understand what good pictures were.

I think the crazy amount of time I put into photography (as a single college student who was in a perfect position to invest said time)
it’s a primary motivating factor why I’m so compelled and willing to teach and share with others.
Because though I know that if they want it bad enough they’ll learn it all in time.
But why not be a help. Speed up that process a little. Take all that tons of time i had invested into learning from scratch and recap it all in a few phrases or a day of help.

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Here’s where you can find him:

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