Zack Arias

Zack Arias

I first learned of Zack Arias from his seminar on The part that impacted me the most was his story of how he got started, and how much ingenuity he had in the marketing arena. He told of how he wanted to photograph bands, so he went to a meeting where bands would get together. In order to get his name out, he sponsored one of the meetings and bought beer, then he poured the beer and handed out business cards with every cup of beer, introducing himself and getting to know his new clients.

Things like that are brilliant, and they only scratch the surface of the creativity and passion that comes out of Zack. He’s fun to watch and his pictures are a pleasure to see. His list of clients is chocked full of big names.

From the bio on his website…
I am an editorial and commercial photographer based in Atlanta, GA. While I’ve been working in the music industry for the past seven years I’m now branching into more editorial work and advertising. You can boil it down to, “I photograph people in studio and on location.” My style and approach is simple, straightforward, bold, classic, true, and straight from camera.

My greatest talents are the ability to mix with any class of people and to get nervous subjects to relax in front of my camera. I can handle any technical difficulty you can throw at me. I once heard that a photographer’s job description is “problem solver”. I would have to agree with that.

I’m married to the lovely and talented musician Meghan Arias (formerly Meghan Coffee) and between us we have four boys ranging from age 12 to 2.

Here’s his interview with Chase Jarvis.

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