Top 3 Reasons You Should Have Your Own Website

1. A Place To Share

Google+ continues to gain users and popularity. I believe much of its popularity is due to the ability to share longer posts and larger pictures. As a big fan of Google+, I use it to share quite a bit, but even Google’s social platform has it’s drawbacks. Linking to your content in Google+ is certainly less than intuitive so far for one thing. Of course there’s also Facebook. What if you wanted to share some photos using Facebook and your family is opposed to Facebook’s use of their personal information?

With your own website, you are able to share what you want, when and how you want to. In addition, you won’t be limited to one platform or another when sharing. You can share as much as you like and post links on any of the social networks or even send those privacy minded family members a link over email.

2. A Way To Control and Preserve Your Own Data

Wordpress Is Safe

The original concept behind social networking was to, well, network with your social group. Things like Facebook and Google+ are useful for that, but while you’re sharing your pictures and location and such with just your friends, you’re also filling in the gaps for their advertisers. This may or may not concern you, but running your own website allows you to control what is seen by who. By it’s nature, most of the things you post to your website will likely be public, but it is really easy to set up passwords for single pages, or even account access for friends to keep the private things private and ensure that only the right people see what you want them to.

The other thing about your data you might think about is longevity. To most people, the things that are posted on the internet are only relevant for a short time. But these are your pictures, posts, videos, stories. You likely don’t want these to disappear into the ether to never be seen again. The recent case with MegaUpload comes to mind. What if like MegaUpload, Facebook falls under government scrutiny for copyright infringement and suddenly their servers are seized? Just like that you have no access to many of those uploaded pictures. Worse yet, they may never come back online and be gone forever. There is always the chance of failure on the part of your host if you run your own website, but the smart website owner keeps a backup of his site. Is that even an option on Facebook? It is with Google+, but again, not a straight forward and simple process.

3. A Way To Build Your Personal Brand

In whatever social circle you find yourself, you are influential. You have opinions, experiences, and expertise that no one else brings to that community. As such, you should be reflecting that in your online persona. When you meet someone in the flesh, do you tell them to look you up on Myspace? Or tell them to look you up at It would probably be better if you could just tell them to check out or or something much easier to say that lends you some credibility. While we’re at it, maybe you could actually use an email address that reflects some professionalism such as rather than We’ll talk about that too.

So Here’s The Plan

Are you convinced? If you’re not, move along then, just don’t forget to hit the +1 or the like button on your way out. If you are, and you’re ready to build that site, then read on and let’s figure out how to make your internet world a better and safer place to play.

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