Awana Grand Prix – 2012

The great race. What comes to mind? The race Paul was talking about when he said “let us run with patience the race set before us”? Or do you think politics? Well I’m not talking politics. I’m talking about the most important race of our young lives. The Grand Prix. The Pinewood Derby to our Boyscout compatriots. It happened this morning for the Boise Vineyard Awana kids and it was a blast.

My kids are 4 and 3 and weren’t nearly as excited about racing as they were about playing with the cars when the race was over, but they still had a lot of fun. In the end, Travis has the fastest car of the Puggles and Elizabeth did pretty well too. Here are the pictures I took from the day.

For the rest of the pictures from the set including the kids holding their ribbons, go to my Photo Gallery.

If you’d like to download the whole set as a ZIP file, I’ve added it here for the sharable size (each 1600px wide)(28.5MB).At full resolution, even ZIP compressed, the full set is just over 900MB so if you’d like to print some out, let me know which ones and I’d be happy to send you the full resolution ones you’re interested in.

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