A Newer Older Ferris Bueller?

I don’t know if this will actually be a movie or just a Superbowl commercial. If it is only a commercial, I will be severely disappointed along with a great many people, so this better one amazing commercial. Either way, it does bring back some great memories seeing Matthew Broderick in this role again.


While researching the idea of a Ferris Bueller sequel, I came across some possible evidence for a second movie. Written by Rick Rapier, the script is titled “Ferris Bueller 2: Another Day Off”. I’ve even found and included what could be the opening scene of the movie. I do notice that some of this material I’m referencing was written in 2007 and then updated in 2011. I also notice that Rick Rapier doesn’t already have an extensive list of credits behind his name. Is it possible I’m finding a link where there isn’t one and this is only going to be a grand commercial? Or were they able to keep such a beloved project secret from the public until now and are ready to reveal it at the Superbowl?


Ferris braces himself between the rest room and the EMERGENCY EXIT. Cameron grows more agitated.

CAMERON: Ferris! Sit down! It’s FAA regulation!

FERRIS: The benefit of owning one’s own plane is that one can refrain from following FAA regulations.

The Ferris Bueller corporate jet rises into the air, its wheels retracting.


Cameron gestures angrily for Dick and Dirk to do something. Dirk points to his fastened seat belt.

DIRK (surprisingly demure): But we’re taking off, Mr. Frye.

Cameron turns to Ferris.

CAMERON: If this is about the infomercial, I’m sorry, awright!? How’d I know it would result in a 200 percent increase in seminar bookings?

FERRIS: Market research?

CAMERON: A happy accident.

FERRIS: Another accident like that and they’ll be comparing me to Howard Hughes…

CAMERON: Would that be so bad?

FERRIS: You wouldn’t be the one in a sterile room with nails so long you can’t wipe your ass!

CAMERON: Well, it’s too late!

FERRIS: No, it’s never too late. (turns to CAMERA) That’s Rule Number 7 from “Life Moves
Pretty Fast,” disk one.

CAMERON: Why do you put me through this crap, Ferris?

FERRIS (to Cameron): Rule number 9: “Find life’s little pleasures whereever you can.” I think
that’s on disc two.

DEVON (still jotting in her PDA): Disc 3.

CAMERON: Well, you can forget pleasure: today’s your birthday.

Ferris leans to gaze out the EMERGENCY EXIT window.

CAMERON: Ferris, sit down! The last thing we need is you in the hospital — Millions are riding on tonight’s simulcast! Carpenter would own us —

FERRIS: Is that all you care about? Money?

CAMERON: Sit down. I’m done arguing with you.

Cameron turns his back to Ferris. Ferris doesn’t budge.

FERRIS: Do the voice.

CAMERON: (knowing) What?

FERRIS: Do it. Do Peterson and I’ll be a good boy all day long. Do it. (imitates Cam as “Mr.
Peterson”) “Rooney! Who the hell do you think you’re talking to!?”

Cameron is adamant. No voice.

CAMERON: We don’t have time for your stupid crap, Ferris!

Ferris looks to the CAMERA like Can you believe him?

FERRIS (to Cameron): Do it!

It’s a stand off.

FERRIS: You leave me no choice… It’s on your head.

CAMERON: What is?

FERRIS: My stupid crap.

Ferris puts his hands on the EMERGENCY EXIT latch. Seeing Ferris, Dirk and Dick are now on alert.
Devon sees too and her eyes flash wide with concern. She implores Cameron, but he just shakes his head dismissively with a smirk of faux self-confidence.

Ferris defiantly starts to lift the EXIT DOOR handle. In an instant, Dirk and Dick are out of their seats.

DICK: Don’t do it!

FERRIS: Not another step!

As Devon GASPS, Cameron turns to see what Ferris is up to.

CAMERON: You wouldn’t dare.

FERRIS: Watch me.

Dirk and Dick crowd Cameron as Devon watches from her seat, aghast.

FERRIS (pathetic): I wanted to live, but you wouldn’t let me.

DEVON: Mr. Bueller! No!

Dubious, Cameron holds up his hand to calm her.

FERRIS: I’m getting off this roller-coaster!

CAMERON: (calling Ferris bluff) At what, 10,000 feet? That first step’s a doozy.

Ferris flashes a devilish, defiant scowl — Pulls the EXIT door handle — INSTANTLY gets sucked from the plane! Air rushes past a horrified Cameron, the Bodyguards, and Devon as they fight the swirling currents.

Here’s where Cameron loses it.



Ferris tumbles toward the CAMERA, stabilizes… nonchalantly withdraws a pair of yellow skydiving goggles from his coat pocket, slips them on, tosses away the offending Blackberry.

With a big grin, he surveys this wild blue yonder like he owns it, then looks into the CAMERA with self-satisfaction, lips waffling in the slip stream.

FERRIS (his speech unaffected): I pulled it off! Think Cam bought it?


As Cameron slouches in Ferris’ chair, he rubs the armrests like they were Ferris himself, as Devon comforts him.

CAMERON: I killed Ferris Bueller.

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