The Christmas Season Begins

Christmas Tree

This morning started a little rough for us at the Cushing place. The first thing I heard was “You didn’t set the alarm, did you?!” We weren’t waking too late though, and we still would have made it to first service at church. Travis woke up fine as he often does, but Elizabeth got up with a bit of groaning and complaints of a stomach pain. It didn’t seem too awful so we proceeded to get ready for church, when she threw up. So our church going morning went out the window.

Despite the rough start, we ended up having a really nice morning. Instead of going to church, we ended up starting on some of the crafts included in the advent book Becky got for the kids to go through leading up to Christmas. Becky got the book from and it looked like fun and cost only 5 dollars. The first and second days are based on Isaiah 9:2-7 and had us making a candle ornament and a crown ornament. Both were fairly simple and the kids enjoyed it all very much. The other part was to make a countdown chain like we did last year. We just cut out a letter representing their first name and let them color it and hung the chain from it on the wall next to the tree.

Crafting Kids
Travis Chain
Elizabeth Chain

The candle was really simple to make and turned out really nice looking when you hang it in front of one of the Christmas lights.

Candle Ornament

The other, the crown, was pretty simple too. The only part that makes this a little harder is the need for paint. Only being 2 years old, sometimes this is a little hard with Travis. Today he did really well though. Basically the crown is a paper towel tube, with triangle cut out to look like a crown, then painted and decorated.


Travis Crown

Elizabeth's Crown

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