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From time to time, my WordPress theme hacking just doesn’t do it. I get those feelings of creativity and want to dig into some heavy duty PHP or rewrite some extensive javascript. For those times, I’ve got to have some driving music that keeps my mind feeling the energy but requires no real attention. On other occasions, I want to really hear the audio on the video footage I’ve taken so I can do some editing. On both of those occasions, my wife rarely cares to here my music. That’s why I love my headphones, and so does she.

I’ve noticed a trend recently for the manufacturers to partner with artists to create some really stylish phones. I thought I’d share a few of the more interesting headphones I’ve noticed lately.

Sleek by 50 Cent

It sounds like Sleek Audio is going to set these loose at CES this year. From the sounds of it they’ll be wireless and backed by 50 Cent and sporting some sweet looking carbon fiber accents.

found at engadget

Beats by Dr Dre and Monster

beatspro goes for $449.95 and comes in white or black. You can buy them from their site or at Best Buy. An interesting feature is the dual input/output ports so you can send the signal through the phones into another set of headphones for a client or friend if you want to share the audio and ensure good quality sound.

Daft Punk Edition Tron Headphones by Monster

I’m a huge fan of the Tron: Legacy Soundtrack. My wife and I enjoyed the movie, but the soundtrack was the best part in my opinion. So when I saw these they definitely got my attention. Of course, that’s only an example of how good marketing works, who knows how they really sound. I hope they sound really good for the $350. The other question is whether they will still be at all cool by this time next year. Only time will tell.

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Pioneer HDJ-1000

Here is an example of what happens to a great set of headphones as a result of change for the sake of change. From what I understand, these headphones in past models, are really good headphones. But now they’re in gold. Alright, I admit it, I want them more now. For the gold version, they’re $209. The same thing in silver will only cost $169 at Amazon.

found at engadget

Soul by Ludacris

There isn’t a whole bunch of information on these out there yet, but they look cool and will probably sound amazing. We’ll have to see what they’re going to cost though. There are reportedly five models in the line, including a noise-canceling set (the SL300), two on-ear models (the SL150 and the SL100), and two in-ear headphones (the SE99 and the SE49). They’re scheduled to be released in early 2011.

found on ces.cnet

Denon AHD2000

We all know that Denon makes some amazing home theater components, but who knew they made some killer headphones too? Apparently they do if you read some of the reviews. They might not be as flashy as some of the others but it looks as if the Denon AHD2000s sound mighty nice.

AKG K701 Studio Headphones

I thought I’d round out the list with the pair I actually use and like a whole lot. These have open cups and when the audio is off you can still hear the room. It doesn’t feel like you’re in a cave with the headphones on. The only drawback to that is that the music can be heard by those around if you’re really rockin’. You can find the AKG K701 Studio Headphones at Amazon as well.

Thanks for checking out the list and feel free to comment if there is a pair that you like or have and want to share.

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  1. Turtle Beach Headset X11

    Wow those Ludacris headphones look amazing! Really really sexy headphones cant wait for them to be realeased. If they can surpass the beats I expect they will be extrmley popular. Is there any stats for them?

  2. Gonna

    GOnna BUY those HeaDPHONES!!!

    So COOL!!!! XD

  3. Gonna

    GOnna BUY those HeaDPHONES!!!

    So COOL!!!! XD