Make WordPress Posts That Expire

Old News

I don’t dig through my old stack of newspapers at home to read the news. Maybe do the crossword, but not read the news. After about a week, the news has become a historic record, not news. Once in a while, I’ll search for something online that has popped up on Twitter of Facebook. Something new and current. More than once, I’ve chosen a link that looked relevant but found an article written years ago about something similar, but completely outdated. If you would like to avoid this problem for your visitors on your WordPress site, I’ve found the solution.

Post Expirator is a WordPress plugin that allows the author to set an expiration date to their post or page. I tried it out and the interface is simple and strait forward. It adds a date and time field to both the post and page editing interfaces for specifying when you would like the post or page to expire. It also includes a settings interface in which you can choose whether you would like the expired post or page to be deleted or just change it to a draft, blocking it from the users view.

One thing I like especially, is that the expiration date is added to the list view of the posts and pages, allowing you to see quickly if and when it will expire. The only thing I would add to this plugin is the ability to add or change the expiration date from the quick edit menu within the post/page list.

Overall, I think this plugin is simple, but works well. If you find your posts are quickly becoming old news and your site is becoming a ghost town, put this plugin to work, and write more. Your users want fresh news, not the latest in Netscape Navigator.

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