Boise State Broncos Desktop Wallpaper

One thing I often like to do when I’m feeling creative in no particular direction is to create wallpapers for my desktop, especially Broncos wallpapers. Some of them even turn out worth using from time to time. As they begin to overflow my folder I use for collecting all of these, I thought it might be nice to share. So here’s my first. I live here in Boise, Idaho and our local football team is really worth following these days, so here’s a little tribute to good ‘ol Boise State.

Bronco Blue

Broncos Leather Wallpaper

Glass Bronco

Bronco High Contrast

And finally here is one I put together with some pictures I took at one of the games last year. And if you’re interested, I posted that set of pictures on Flickr when I took them. They’re here.

Broncos Kellen Moore

If you’re interested in creating some of your own, I’ve shared the BSU logo files that I use on this page.

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  1. shari Reply

    I have been searching for a very long time for an awesome Bronco background for my computer and I am blown away at how great these look! My fav is the 1st one called Bronco Blue. simply amazing!

    Thank you thank you thank you!!

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