I’m Available To Design/Host WordPress Websites

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I’ve done web design in various capacities for about 13 years now. Until now, I’ve tended toward custom designs. The reason I’ve done things from scratch is that I can typically design a good user experience and give the customer exactly what they want to see. Recently however, more and more people don’t want just a static set of text and pictures. As the web develops into a more social experience, the customers are interested in being able to change the content themselves so they can keep up with the times. A web site that isn’t easily changed, often ends up being the one that has breaking news about hurricane Katrina or something else that clearly shows it hasn’t been touched recently, and immediately tells the reader that there’s not much to see here.

As a result of this paradigm shift, I’ve come to find that WordPress is an amazing software. With support for integration with the latest social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, it allows a basic site to become a hub of information rather that a pamphlet. The website owner can now use the management interface to write posts, revise entire pages, manage photo galleries, and do things that the average use never thought possible very few years ago. Wordpress is also built in PHP. I love PHP. Love. So nearly anything in the software can be changed to suit the site owner.

<p.All of this is to say that I'm here. You want to share your life or business with people. I can have your website looking spectacular and working beautifully in just a few days. If you're interested, email me. pcushing@rektproduction.gemstate.network