The Garden Emerges

Back in April I posted a note about beginning our garden.  Finally we finished filling the boxes with soil and bought most of the vegetable plants.  I also installed a hose bib to make watering easier.  The hose is also fed from our pressurized irrigation system so it doesn’t count against our house water bill.

Becky and I designed the layout and I built the boxes out of pressure treated lumber.  Most of the soil was what we had left over from our fill dirt that we used last year when we planted the sod.  We got topsoil and a little steer manure in bags from Home Depot for the remaining soil we needed.

Finally, Becky and her mom chose the vegetable plants and planted.  We look forward especially to picking and eating the tomatoes.  Actually, all of it looks good and we are excited to see all of it grow and produce good food.

Garden 1

Garden 2

Garden 3

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  1. 3rd party

    looks very pretty, but be careful of growing vegetables in PT wood frames; the chemical treatments might leach into your food supply and cause neurological damage down the line (adults can probably tolerate it all more than children). Linseed oil which has been recommended to me in it’s place is just as bad although it sounds “natural”. I made my two beds just using 12″ wide lumber (spruce I think) from home depot. It will rot, but presumably is safer. Good luck.