Star Trek

I braved the hordes of Trekkie geeks to see the very first showing of Star Trek in Boise.  Actually, the “hordes” didn’t even quite fill the theater.  I think the time (7:00) threw a few of the faithful off.  Only one brave soul showed up in captain’s uniform and won the free poster for best costume.

I must begin by clarifying that I am surely not classified as a Trekkie.  I have watched many episodes over the years but have not been faithful to even the movies, let alone the countless spinoffs.  All that said, I really did enjoy the original series and went into this with the feeling that I would be sorely disappointed with their use of new actors for already beloved characters.  My fears were proven completely unfounded.  Each actor took on the role and made the transition backwards in time perfectly seamless.  The writer and director did an amazing job of using what we knew of the original characters to draw us in emotionally.  They also used some of that past knowledge as material for some great comic relief, which was a perfect balance for the especially fast paced action scenes.

There were only two shots in the movie that drew me out of the movie and back into the theater seat.  One was a spinning track maneuver as Spock stood before a counsil that began with the camera nearly upside down and spun as it came around to reveal Spock’s face.  The camera moved seemed to be out of place and served no purpose in the scene.  The other was toward the end when (spoiler alert) young Spock and his older counterpart, played by Leonard Nimoy, are having a heartfelt moment.  The scene is a series of over the shoulder shots back and forth.  Young Spock is shot perfectly but poor Leonard Nimoy wasn’t in focus very well.  I was annoyed.

I was very pleased with how the movie turned out and would gladly recommend seeing it in the theater.