Time To Roof The House

The time has come to re-roof our house.  It’s amazing the roof has lasted as long as it has.  The house was built in 1974 and it is finally falling apart.  Some of the recent wind storms have begun the removal process for us.

To our good fortune, we happen to have some wonderful and talented people in our discipleship group.  One of those people, Clint Petty, happens to be the owner/operator of Remodel Resource, a small business that does home remodels and roofing.  He has agreed to help us for a very minimal fee.  He graciously had planned to do most of the labor himself but I love a work party and am trying to gather my friends and family to make things go faster and more fun.

During the process, I’m hoping to get some good pictures for his future marketing material. (I’m in the process of building his website)  If you need a roof, be sure to give him a call.  I’ll have some pictures and an update soon.